“Frat Boys” Have Changed

I think people don’t give enough props for how self-aware the modern fraternity-guy is. Sure, SOME things have stayed the same. But, for the most part, the average guy in Greek Life is nothing like he would have been ten years ago. Nobody is out here legitimately wearing a vineyard vines button-down and Sperrys out to bars, and if they are then, they’re a 100% legacy bid. 

It’s bewildering to me that the media has two angles for young white men that do something wrong: troubled school-shooter type or frat boy. At first, we got Brock Turner, which made sense and highlighted an issue in the Greek community. Brock Turner epitomizes the shitstains of our gigantic community that commit unspeakable acts against young women. Brock Turner getting called a frat boy every day by CNN was justified. But then, the general public outside of Greek Life and the media started getting CRAZY. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, they really felt the need to try and put Martin Shkreli on us by bestowing that pasty-ass SQUID with the nickname, “pharma bro.” MARTIN SHKRELI. Does this look like the type of person that would get a bid?


The modern “frat boy,” is just a normal guy who wanted to enhance his college experience with brotherhood and social events. Guys don’t dream about holding public office anymore…they dream of performing a set at Bonnaroo. There’s as many guys that would rather stay in and see if their College Basketball rather than hit than go out and try to get pussy during a pandemic…and I can’t blame them. The average fraternity guy has mental health problems from chiefing carts since before they had their driver’s license, only to self medicate with four or five chops throughout the day. For the love of God, we don’t play beer pong; we huck cubes. 

To speak candidly, yes, we can outdrink you. Yes, depending on where we’re from, we either rock Vans or a pair of New Balances that have been through more toil than Derrick Rose’s knees. And sure, there are some bad apples, like there’s going to be in any large organization, but the average frat-guy isn’t the Shooter Mcgavin type douchebag that the world thinks we are. Being in a fraternity isn’t being in a cult-like environment where everyone shares the same ideas; it’s being in an organization where you can learn and build off each other while doing a ton of drugs simultaneously.

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  1. Back in the day, school was a lot more inherently social. Before the advent of smart phones and laptops people were just OUT more. Outside or in town, spending time in person because it was the only way to interact. It was the only way. And if you were introverted and/or shy and you just learned the ropes and were also invited.
    Now’a days being in a frat means you have that built-in higher quality social aspect that isn’t as guaranteed as part of the college experience any more. I believe this is why fraternity has a wider appeal.
    I’m not gonna put this one on Facebook.

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