Frat Bro Turned Punter?

The other day during an Ole Miss football press conference, coach, Lane Kiffin, announced that they found their punter on frat row during a keg party. Coach kiffin stated that punter, Charlie Pollock, was once the 13th ranked punter in the class of 2020 before he decided to call it quits after seeing no play time during his time at Nevada.

Fellas, this story right here should give us all hope because if a random frat bro can get picked up off the street to punt for a power 5 school then why can’t me or you? Sure some of us weren’t elite athletes in high school, but you’d be lying to yourself if you haven’t had a fantasy of playing for your schools football team. Imagine this, you and your boys are hammered tossing the pigskin around on a Friday afternoon. You tell your boy to run a route and throw him a Daniel Jones-esque spiral right into his chest. Not the best ball you’ve thrown but hey it’ll do the trick. Little do you know the coach of your schools team was watching in the corner and suddenly hands you a scholarship. Next thing you know you’re suiting up for tomorrows game. Does this sound completely far fetched? yes. Have I thought of this before? definitely.

My point is, next time you’re at a darty or just throwing the ball around with the boys make sure you’re putting in some effort because you never know if you’re gonna have to suit up for one last ride.

Written by rigatoni

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