“Free Beer” For Packers Fans If Jets Lost, Except They Didn’t

Sometimes, life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs, and that’s exactly what happened to some NFL fans during the New York Jets’ Monday Night Football game with the Buffalo Bills. This was the home-opener for ex-Packer and new acquisition Aaron Rodgers. At least Jets fans will always have this video:

A Wisconsin bar, presumably upset about the former MVP leaving their beloved Packers, had got fans with a “can’t lose” offer: if the Jets lost, they’d cover the tabs. As fate would have it and everyone witnessed on Live TV, Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending Achilles injury early in the game, the third offensive play to be exact. Like everyone else would do, these fans started running up the tabs, not trusting Zach Wilson to lead the Jets to victory.

But the twist in the tale came when Josh Allen turned into a pumpkin who looked like he never played football in his life, with three interceptions all thrown to Jordan Whitehead, and an additional fumble to set up the Jets in the redzone. Right after the fumble, Garrett Wilson pulled off one of the best catches I have ever seen, bringing the Jets back into the lead.

While Buffalo fought back and forced overtime, rookie Xavier Gipson stole the show with a walk-off punt return touchdown, leaving those at the Wisconsin bar realizing they’d have to settle their HIGH tabs after a crazy Monday Night Football game.

As for Aaron Rodgers, he has been ruled out of the 2023 season with a torn achilles. Jets fans are questioning the reason for their fandom after being forced to watch one more year of a Zach Wilson-led offense.

Written by TFM Stelly

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