Tomorrow Only: Free Chipotle For Hockey Fans

@Freezertarps is somewhere going absolutely bonkerino right now. Chipotle just announced that tomorrow is NHL jersey BOGO day. That’s right, if you wear any hockey jersey into a Chipotle tomorrow after 3pm, you get an extra meal at no additional cost. And there seriously isn’t any catch.

I promise Chipotle isn’t paying me or anyone here at TFM to write this (although we wouldn’t turn down a partnership for free bowls), I just really felt like people need to know about this.

As a way to celebrate the NHL conference championships between the eastern Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers, and the western Las Vegas Golden Knights and Dallas Stars, Chipotle is offering buy-one-get-one-free entrees for anyone wearing a hockey jersey tomorrow May 23. This is a one day promotion so mark your calendars.

The only qualifications are that you must order in-store (you should never be ordering online anyway unless you like skimpy bowls) and must come in after 3pm. That’s it. No promo codes, no sign ups, no BS. The jersey doesn’t even need to be an NHL jersey, it can be your own from recreational hockey or even some other international or women’s league. You can even use the BOGO for up to five meals, meaning you can get 10 bowls for the price of 5!

I genuinely don’t know how Chipotle is going to make money off of this, I assume the NHL is paying them to do this. Who cares, though? All that matters is that the boys can score some free Chippy. I do suggest you go early because I can assure you that they will run out of salad dressing fairly quickly. 

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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