French President Sent Severed Finger in the Mail…

In response to police brutality, the people of France have taken to the streets in intense riots, causing a massive uproar throughout the entire country. Videos of the protests online have displayed nothing but utter chaos – but this story might take the cake. As reported by TMZ, French President Emmanuel Macron was sent a severed finger in the mail earlier this week. After being tested, it was confirmed that the finger was legitimately from an actual human.

The craziest part about this whole story might be the fact that the French government actually found the person who this finger belonged to. I mean, how does one even go about doing that? Do you just send out a “Missing Finger” Tweet? Regardless of the method, it’s still pretty impressive. I’m assuming you can’t reattach an entire finger, but maybe this person got lucky and only lost a little bit of their thumb or something. 

The idea of pranking someone via mail has always been something that’s intrigued me. I think everyone has had at least one teacher where they really wanted to send a box of poop too – but no one ever had the guts to do it. The person that sent the finger to the French President must be seriously passionate about invoking change throughout the country. Not only did he probably pick up a severed finger off of the ground, but he kept it long enough so he could send it in the mail. Talk about commitment.

Written by the godfather

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