Friday Afternoons

Friday afternoons are a really weird time. After your classes, your nap, and the special alone time you have with yourself (I’m not saying that’s the only order; it’s just the one I went with today), there’s this super fucking awful limbo of waiting until you should get up and get ready for your night. 

I guess you could spend the time doing work, but let’s face it: unless you have an assignment due at midnight (which, what kind of dick professor would do that?), you spend most of your day lying in bed on TikTok or YouTube or Netflix. Maybe you get up and get active. The walk down to the kitchen to make food counts as exercise, sort of. Run some video games with your roommates, poop, sleep some more, watch more TikTok, maybe throw on a movie – it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you know you’re just killing time.

It’s sort of like when you’re a kid on Christmas morning when you wake up and have to kill time before your parents are ready to open presents. Except in this case, the presents you’re opening consist of several Miller Lites and mixed drink that you made way too strong. I’m going through it right now. I’ve been lying in my bed hoping that this blog would take me a while to write so that when I finish it, I’ll be a lot closer to my night beginning, but unfortunately, it’s only been about six minutes since I began this. I assume that if you’re reading this shortly after I’ve published it, you’re in the same boat. I can’t even lie, it’s exhausting. 

So that’s where I am right now. I genuinely hope your Friday afternoons were spent more productively than mine, but I highly doubt it. Part of me wants to just keep blabbering so that more time will pass, but a bigger part of me feels like I need to take a shower. Good luck making it to tonight.


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