Frustrated Pilot Draw Penis In The Sky

(Photo from Flight Radar)

We have officially found the world’s funniest pilot.

During a flight traveling from Frankfurt, Germany to Catania, Italy, a pilot’s route changed multiple times causing a flight path that clearly depicts a penis.

On July 28, Lufthansa flight 306 departed from Frankfurt and made its way all the way to Catania in Sicily. However, due to a fire in the arrival terminal at Fontanarossa Airport the plane’s route got diverted multiple times, until it eventually landed on the island of Malta.

Annoyed by the changing route, the pilot decided to have a bit of fun. Before heading to Malta as the new final destination, the Lufthansa pilot took a 16 minute, 24 kilometer detour in which he drew male genitalia in the sky.

(Photo from EuroNews)

While already an insane story, the shape of the flight path may not be the craziest part. Although the shape clearly depicts a penis, Lufthansa officials stand by their pilot, calling the phallic-shaped route an accident.

According to officials, flight 306 attempted to land twice in Catania, yet both times were unsuccessful. I guess that’s their way of explaining “the balls” of the route. They continued to say that the rest of the sky drawing occurred when the flight finally made its way to Malta.

Obviously, that’s total BS.

You don’t just draw that perfect of penis by accident. As someone who perfected the art of cartoon genitals in middle school, I can tell this guy knows what he’s doing. Not only does this seem intentional, I think this guy may have had some practice with this before.

Though some may call the pilot’s actions “gross” or “petty,” I for one find this to be hilarious. Move over Sully, I think we may have found the new coolest pilot ever.

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Written by Alex Becker

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