Funeral Homes Now Offering Pink Barbie Caskets

Since the release of the Barbie movie, I’d say there’s been a significant increase in the popularity of the color pink. However, this might be too far. Funeral homes throughout the country are now offering bright pink caskets “so you can rest like Barbie” – which is an actual slogan a funeral home is using to promote these dream coffins. I understand not wanting death to be sad but rather a celebration, but this is the most desperate attempt at a cash grab I’ve ever seen. Here’s a photo of the Barbie caskets:

I mean, these things even have Barbie stars on them. Could you imagine if one of your family members passed away and the only casket left in stock was one of these bright pink atrocities? We’re playing with fire here, people. And, not to mention, the movie kind’ve sucked. I get that Barbie as a whole is a lot bigger than just the movie, but anyone that is buried in a Barbie dream coffin in the next six-to-twelve months will be associated with that garbage film. 

Am I a hater? Maybe. You could make a solid argument for why the Barbie movie isn’t actually all that terrible, but I will not pretend to understand or like the pink casket ever. I hope this trend dies off quickly otherwise we’re just going to keep seeing weirder and weirder things get pink versions. Once I get past the age of fifty, I can guarantee you that the first line of my will and testament is going to say, “I don’t care what you do with my money, just don’t put me in a pink coffin”. 

This might seem as though I’m uncomfortable with my masculinity when in reality it’s quite the opposite. Unlike many cowards, I actually went to the movie theater to go watch Barbie as opposed to waiting around until it gets released on streaming. Although you probably couldn’t guess it from my commentary on the dream coffin, I actually like the color pink in circumstances that are appropriate. Sorry if I don’t see death as one of those circumstances. I genuinely wish this whole thing was satire, but it’s not. And since it’s real, I’ll be camping out at my local funeral home until I see a corpse in a pink coffin and then immediately scolding the family for allowing such a thing to take place. 

*Information for this article was obtained from the New York Post*

Written by the godfather

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