Fury-Ngannou Fight May Be Brewing

Two of the biggest names in fighting around the world have just gotten into quite the squirmsh… on Twitter. 

Former Heavyweight World Champions Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou got in a brief Twitter beef yesterday, but fans are hoping their aggression online could translate into a cage match.

For backstory, the pair’s beef started back in 2022 after Fury beat Dillian Whyte. After Fury’s beatdown on White, he announced that he would be stepping away from fighting in the WBC for a while. Many suspected that this had to do with trying to fight outside of boxing, potentially a MMA fighter. Well, Fury actually found himself an opponent in UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou, but due contractual issues and Dana White being a prima donna, Ngannou was not allowed to get in the ring with Fury.

Fast forward to yesterday, Dana White is at a press conference after UFC Fight Night. He mentions to Fury (and the entire world) that he would love to see him fight Jon Jones in the octagon. That comment alone was enough for Ngannou to take to Twitter.

In his tweet which reads “anyway… I’ll be ready @Tyson_Fury,” Ngannou clearly points to the fact that he wants to get in the ring with the world champion boxer. Ngannou recently left the UFC to join the Professional Fighter’s League back in January, meaning he can now fight whoever he pleases.

Fury, seeing Ngannou’s video tweet, reposted it to his Instagram story and wrote “I’ll have 15 pints and still KO you big stiff tramp!”

Taken from @tysonfury Instagram

To be fair, I’ve never heard a man call another man a “tramp,” but I don’t think I hate it. Especially when it’s coming from somebody that can literally eat me in one bite. That said, I think like everybody else on the planet, I really want to see this fight. These are two of the greatest fighters of our generation, going blow to blow, toe to toe, and not even for any sort of belt or championship. Just pride and millions and millions of dollars.

You know what I’d love to see even more than just the two fight? A 15-pint-deep fight. Imagine we got two 300lb, steroid-filled, angry dudes who want to kill each other completely wasted and tossed them in a ring together. It would be absolute madness. Punches would be thrown harder, defense would be significantly worse, and no matter what happens the two will both be bloody asking “did I win?” It would be the betting event of the century.

Anyway, let’s just hope that this Twitter beef was enough to get the ball rolling for an actual fight to occur. I for one love the boxing-MMA crossovers that don’t include Jake Paul. Do I think Ngannou stands a chance against Fury (who has never lost) in the boxing ring? No chance, but I’d still like to see him get a few shots in.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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