Game Shows Ranked on How Good I’d Be at Them

I’m somewhat of a game show enthusiast. Not really, but I sure do love playing along anytime they’re on. Some are a lot easier than others though. Today, I’m going to rank them based on how good I’d be at them.

7. Deal or No Deal

This comes in at dead last. You’d think that a show centered around picking numbers at random and hoping for the best is about as easy as it gets. But what Deal or No Deal does to make the game a challenge is place a beautiful woman next to each of the numbers. If all of those women were looking at me at once, I would crumble. I also fear that the “dealer” is just a guy threatening to kill your family and telling you what choice you have to make. 

6. America’s Got Talent

Good for you America. I don’t have talent, though.

5. Jeopardy

I’m good at trivia, but only when someone is serving me beers and I can go to the bathroom to look up the hardest answers. It turns out you can’t do either of these things on Jeopardy. Too many of their questions involve information I missed in public school while unsuccessfully brain storming ways to get the attention of the girl sitting next to me. Also, if Aaron Rodgers was ever the host, all of my answers would remind him he’s six rings behind Tom Brady.

4. Wheel of Fortune

I’d be really good at the spinning aspect of this one. I think I could make the wheel spin forever, and if the new host doesn’t know what he’s doing, I might be awarded a win for that. That being said, I would be so anxious about giving a ridiculously stupid answer, I’d overthink everything I already knew. If I could be a designated spinner, I would be the Michael Jordan of Wheel of Fortune.

3. Price is Right

This is one I could make work. As a cheap person, I have looked at enough prices and gone, “No shot,” to have a pretty good grasp on what things cost. This game also has a wheel that I could attempt to spin forever. I might have the lowest energy of any Price is Right contestant ever, but I could still make a run at the end of this, simply due to my skill of not spending money.

2. Family Feud

I’d be so good at Family Feud that Steve Harvey would probably ask for my phone number when taping stopped. I’ve seen every iteration of this show. I’ve seen the clips of Richard Dawson making out with women in front of their families, I’ve seen celebrities try their hand, and I’ve seen people dominate the board as much as possible. If watching film is important in sports, I’d imagine it’s the same for game shows. The only reason it’s not number one is because I don’t have as much confidence in my family.

1. Who Wants to be a Millionaire

I didn’t watch this very much, but I would love to be a millionaire. I think that sheer desire would translate to skill. 

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