What is happening right now is more than just a meme. Of course, it’s fucking hilarious that an inept video game retailer is up over 130% in the past week, but this is the fucking French Revolution of finance. For the first time in a long time, after a virus has robbed us of our social lives and our mental well being, we feel like we have power. The fact that a Reddit community was able to push hedge fund barons into BILLIONS of dollars in debt shows that we have a fucking voice. From the Overwatch players to the cokeheads in Pi Kapp, Robinhood has given us the power to capitalize on a historical short from the suits, and I for one, haven’t felt this alive since I don’t know when.

From the time we are born, rules suffocate us. We are told how often to brush our teeth, when to tuck in our shirts, and even fucking allocated certain timeframes to learning different subjects. We go to college to try drugs and obtain a piece of paper that we are promised will benefit us in the long term, and most of us go on to living a life that we are EXPECTED to live. This is why the divorce rate is so high, and people working in cubicles are so miserable. Society never allowed us to catch our breath and find a field where we could work every day, and it wouldn’t FEEL like work because we enjoy it.

But right now, in this silly little moment, watching my fellow community of Redditors and Twitter users storm a castle, I feel like I have some say. Occupy Wall Street lasted six months, yet r/wallstreetbets has disrupted the most crooked, nepotist sector of finance in a week. And sure, this is unquestionably a bubble that’s going to pop, but I don’t really give a fuck if I lose the $70 I threw on AMC because watching these finance nerds that think they are so much better than me have meltdowns on TV is priceless. Gamestonk to the FUCKING MOON.

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