Garth Brooks and Steven Tyler Showered Together

Garth Brooks was a guest on the Kelly Clarkson show recently where he told the story of the time he accidentally took a shower with Steven Tyler. From what I gathered, they were playing a game where they would spin a wheel and Brooks would share his favorite song from that band. I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is, because I found any part without Brooks talking about seeing Steven Tyler naked to be unwatchable. But when asked about Steven Tyler and his favorite Aerosmith song, Brooks answered, “Well, I showered with him.” Rock and roll, am I right? Why not shower together? It’s just two bros getting clean. There’s nothing weird about that.  

The story came when they were doing a Billy Joel at Shea Stadium before the building was destroyed, and Brooks needed a shower before going on stage. He said about half way through his shower, he turned around and realized Steven Tyler was in there with him. I’d like to imagine the two of them reluctantly doing a little karaoke to We Didn’t Start the Fire as the sound of Joel’s performance rang through the building. Unfortunately, the two supposedly did their business in peace and went on with their nights. 

I think this is terrible etiquette on Tyler’s part. Clearly, Tyler spent more time in the band room than the locker room during his time in high school. When you walk into the locker room and see one of your boy’s taking a shower, you must announce your presence. My personal favorite way of doing this is by screaming, “SLAP ASS,” while attempting to leave a red hand print on your friend’s bare butt. This announces your presence in the shower so it’s not weird when the two of you are simultaneously rubbing a bar of soap on the bottom of your scrotum. Also, if he finds it weird, you can just tell him it’s a Key and Peele sketch. If he doesn’t know that you flip it on him and call him weird for not knowing. 

I mean, Garth Brooks has been on record for having friends in low places. I never imagined the Mets’ shower as one of these, but it definitely checks out. Who knew that the same locker room that Daryl Strawberry once covered in an illegal white powder also served as public forum for music legends to see each other’s peckers. Also, since Brooks broke the story and Tyler has remained silent, we can assume Garth is packing more heat.  

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