Gender Neutral Bathrooms Are Lit

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Gender neutral bathrooms, wow what a time. My school just installed a ton of gender neutral bathrooms in its new building and they’re nothing less than sick. At first, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought to myself, “How am I going to feel after my anus vomits out all my taco bell and then I walk out to girls wiping their hands dry and staring at me like I just murdered someone in the stall?” I also thought, “What if I hear someone taking a loud steamer in the handicap stall and out walks a hot chick? Does that make her hotter?” Trust me, I have run through essentially every scenario in my head. But, after weeks of first hand experience, I have come to the conclusion that they are lit. Just think about it, you get the best of both worlds. You can link up with the boys in the bathroom to rip their nic stick, while also getting the luxury of having a nice and clean bathroom. Not all the bathrooms in this new building are gender neutral. They still have mens and Womens too. But, those are far less cleaned by faculty compared to these damn gender neutral bathrooms. These bitches are spotless and high quality as hell. I feel like Rick from Rick and Morty when he goes to another planet to take a shit in peace when I poop in these bathrooms. I also have to say, the feeling you get when you blow up a toilet with a World War III heater and then you see a group of girls walk in and one of them walks into the same stall is unmatchable. I have done that twice now and I could hardly contain my laughter both times. If your school has gender neutral bathrooms, I highly recommend giving them a whirl. 

Written by Danny Serrano


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  1. Of course. Gender is nothing but a social construct anyway, therefore all bathrooms are gender neutral whether they’re designated that way or not. That’s the logical conclusion, right, wokesters?

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