Groomer or White Knight?

Shitty TikToker of The Week: Jorobe

This man is terrible…

I remember seeing this guy over a year ago and laughing my ass off of how cringy he is. He was basically a white knight that would make up situations of him protecting fake women as if he has even been in the same room as one. His account is banned (which I will get into later) so I couldn’t find the TikTok that blew him up but I was able to find a screen recording of it so we can all be on the same page:

This is a TikTok that is forever burned in my mind. Not only is it funny because he 100% looks like the type of guy that would do this but also he actually got famous from doing these. All of his tiktoks were either of him being a white knight or him arguing with someone. Obviously consent is important but I don’t think any girl wants this to be the guy voicing that opinion. Basically every TikTok I share here has been taken down because the accounts are banned. This man’s name is john and he was pretty popular on TikTok for dueting/arguing with another tik tok I’m sure you have see:

She goes by the name of Vegan teacher and blew up with her anti-meat vegan propaganda that made everyone give her the attention she wanted. The reason why I bring her up is because she also blew up due to the arguments she would get in about consent, sexual harassment, religion with Jorobe. These TikToks are hilarious but are no longer available on TikTok:

These two remind me of that thing in the wild where 2 animals work together and both gain something like the small fish that eat plankton off the shark and get protection. That’s what these two are doing. They both have their own toxic fanbase that is going to support them no matter what and can get even more people on board just by commenting on another person’s shitty opinion. John here is now in some heat for grooming underage boys:

At this time, these are just accusations but John made his account private so we might be looking at some truth here. Personally, I think its fucked up that a guy who has built a platform advocating for respect and consent is now getting accused of all this

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