Guaranteed Ways to Get a Bid

Joining a fraternity can be a really stressful situation, but rest assured, I’m here to give some things to say that will automatically make any frat want you to join them. They might even ask you to take over as Chapter President and just skip the pledging process. Be careful though, because using this will make you the most desirable PNM on campus.

“I could bring so many hot babes to your parties, man.”

Right off the bat, this lets the guys in the frat you’re trying to join that you pull tons of women. Even more importantly, it shows them that since they have a real tough time getting any girls to show out to their parties, you’d be a fantastic addition to the fraternity because you’re just that cool. 

“Yeah, I could probably outdrink most of the frat.”

This is an important one because you don’t want these guys to think that you’re some kind of bitch. You have to let them know that when they give you the bid, you’re going to be the top dog almost immediately because you can just absolutely pound beers.

“I’m probably only going to join you guys if one of the better frats doesn’t bid me.”

This is the rush equivalent of playing hard to get. You have to make sure that these guys understand just how desirable you are to every other frat on campus, but that you’re still keeping them in mind. This will lead to them begging you to join them.

“I usually poop 4-7 times a day.”

The easiest way to win the respect of any guy is to let them know that you’re putting multiple monster dumps into your toilet per day. If you let them know that you can poop better than anyone, they’ll want you without a doubt.

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