Hangovers are Absolutely Necessary

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I really don’t think anything is worse than being badly hungover. I’m not talking about a little nausea and a headache; I’m talking about being so sick in the morning that the only thing that can get your body out of bed is the urge to not throw up all over yourself. An entire day wasted feeling like shit because you decided to be an animal last night and thought the Liquid IV packet you took at 4:00 am would erase your pain. Hangovers can be really rough, but the thing is, they are 100% necessary.

Imagine hangovers weren’t a thing. You could go out, drink your face off, take a handful of drugs, not remember anything, and then wake up feeling like a million bucks. Seems amazing, yeah, but this is where things get sketchy. A hangover is the body’s way of telling you that you might have overdone it last night, and it needs time to recoup itself and heal. Without that happening, things would get flat-out dangerous. Most of the time, the only reason you don’t keep drinking and partying after a night out is because everyone is so dead. Imagine there was no hangover? You would have no idea when to stop, and no idea what you’re putting your body through.

People would absolutely go off the rails. I mean think about it, the only reason a bender ever stops is because you literally just can’t take anymore drinking. You are at the point where you don’t even want to look at a beer, and that’s all because of the sweet hangover. Without it, there would literally be no end. No hangover means no reason to stop, and that’s exactly how it would be. 

As much as they absolutely suck, hangovers are extremely necessary. Without them, there would be chaos. People constantly partying and getting fucked up because they’re body isn’t telling them not to. And what about yourself? Would you be able to control it? In the environment I’m currently living in, no fucking way. Most college students would probably die before they graduate.

Written by Jett

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