Hasbulla Arrested In Dagestan!

Hasbulla Magomedov, a viral internet celebrity, and recent UFC signee, has reportedly been arrested for violating traffic laws in his home republic of Dagestan, Russia.

According to Red Corner MMA, Hasbulla and his entourage were celebrating a friend’s wedding at the time of the arrests. They drove out into the street, interfering with other drivers, and were taken into custody and charged with administrative violations. A clip shared by the account shows an incident in which Hasbulla, 20, is seen in the passenger seat of a white vehicle, which appears to hit the rear bumper of another car. The clip then shows multiple cars doing donuts in the street before the five men were seen in custody at a police station.

I love this move by Hasbulla and hate it so much by the Dagestanian police. I feel there should be some kind of diplomatic immunity for Hasbulla. Without him, I am sure 99% of the people who know about Dagestan, would have never heard about it without Hasbulla. It is also bizarre he got arrested, he wasn’t even driving for obvious reasons, I got no clue if Dagestan does mugshots, but if they do, Hasbulla’s might be the funniest ever. Someone will be making millions off of his mugshot on his shirt. Also, that final clip in the attached tweet is hilarious. It looks like when your mom makes you bring your little brother with you and your friends. FREE HASBULLA!

Written by TFM Stelly

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