Hey, Astros Fan, Maybe Don’t Get Your Ass Kicked In Front Of Your Girlfriend

It’s very easy to hate on the Astros. Fans have started to bring inflatable garbage cans to games, but this Dodgers fan decided that the garbage cans weren’t good enough. He instead decided to bring hands, and hands were thrown. I don’t know if the jersey was unbuttoned because of the fight, but if a man comes at you with an unbuttoned jersey, you know that this man does not lack any confidence. He comes at two guys and just throwing fists, and it’s not even close for who won this fight.

These two friends had no idea what they were getting themselves into. The taller guy clearly doesn’t want to be there after he just got his ass kicked. His poor friend is getting punches rained down on him, and he’s barely jumping in. He’s keeping his distance and throwing little jabs that are having no results.

Shoutout to this guy who decides that he’ll come down from the stands to help out after the fight is over. He had just watched two grown men get their asses kicked, and when the Dodgers fan is taunting after his successful ass-whooping, he decides that’s the best time to break up the fight.

This is a bad look for this man. He got his ass kicked, his girlfriend tried to pull him away, and he’s so concussed that she easily pulled him to the ground, and then she’s consulting him. I imagine this is what was said.

“Honey it’s okay you put up a great fight just leave it alone now.”

“I kicked his ass, I don’t need to leave it alone I almost finished him off.”

“Just stay on the ground, it’s okay your face doesn’t look that bad.”

Nature is healing, and the world is getting back to normal as fans fighting in the stands is starting to become a daily occurrence. And I’m here for all of them.

P.S. shoutout to this old man who doesn’t think about climbing down the stands to help out, all he’s doing is shaking his head after he has front row seats to an ass-whooping.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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