Hiding Liquor In The Ground Before Lollapalooza Is Galaxy Brain

This is beyond a galaxy brain move. Lolla is held at Grant Park in Chicago, which is a public park. Of course, the days before Lolla, there are people setting shit up, but there’s no security or anything really. If you find a spot near a landmark or something that stands out, you can kick some dirt around, and boom, you have a hole to hide liquor. P.S. that’s how you don’t get lost in the woods; you find something normally tall, keep a mental note, and you know if you can still see that unique tree, you’ll be good.

Anyway, back to Lolla, these people are saving themselves so much money. Diving into Reddit threads, it looks like one beer will cost you $10-$11, and a jug of wine is $30. People are saying that wine is the way to go. Did they not think of burying alcohol like it’s the 1920s?

Lolla looks like the festival to be at this year. There are pictures of the crowds that stretch for as long as the eye can see, people are passing out while Playboy Carti performs, celebrities are being spotted, people are doing backflips and landing on their heads, and of course, people are getting shitfaced.

P.S. I’m thankful that these people filmed their genius move of hiding their alcohol. But I’m going to guess that security will start looking for grass that has been recently torn up. It’s like when people thought they could sneak liquor bottles in their cowboy boots, and then it went viral, and security started to check boots.

P.P.S. If you are commenting or making videos, I wonder what new variant this one will be called. You’re the biggest loser known to mankind.

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