History Teacher Turned OnlyFans Model Was Fired For Being “Naughty Superhero”

An Instagram influencer and model claims she had to quit her teaching job after her ex-husband told the school she worked at about her OnlyFans account. The former teacher said: “I’d never given that sort of thing a thought until my husband encouraged me as a way we could start making extra money. Soon after the relationship broke down, Amy got a call from her headteacher at school who asked her to come in for a meeting. After arranging a virtual meeting due to Covid-19, Amy claims her ex had shown the school board her OnlyFans page. “It was awkward. I was trembling with tears and embarrassment. They made me feel so small and disgusting.


What a fucking asshole this man is. He was the one who encouraged her to go on the site, and he was happy about getting the 150K she made on the site. Then the second that she started to get a lot of attention, he was extremely jealous. Like what the fuck do you except when your wife posts these kinds of photos online?

How the fuck is it possible for this woman to be a history teacher? Every teacher I had was 75 years old with saggy tits that reached their knees. How could you pay attention in class with those staring at you? None of the articles that I read said what grade she taught, but those guys loved her class if it was anything over 9th grade.

I hope that Amy keeps racking in the money and fuck those kids and that school. What’s better than posting naked pictures and talking to horndogs on the internet for thousands of dollars? Also, an extra fuck you to the husband; they got divorced because he was cheating. What are you doing, my guy cheating on her? If thousands of dudes are jerking it to your wife, take that as a compliment.

P.S. I did the investigative work for you guys and found her Reddit account where she posts all sorts of pictures. you guys are welcome.

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