Homeless Burglar Tries on Owen Wilson’s Pajamas

A homeless man broke into Owen Wilson’s Santa Monica home Tuesday night, and instead of stealing anything, he decided to have a fashion show in Wilson’s closet. Apparently, the invader made his way into the house accidentally, without even knowing it whose house it was. Although, I’d imagine he figured out when he saw a twelve-foot painting of an animated red car hanging above the fire place.

The man’s journey ended when Wilson’s assistant came home and was suddenly face to face with the intruder. The two took off in opposite directions which led to a man hunt for a homeless man through the backyards of several Los Angeles mansions. The man was brought down by cops soon after, in the yard of a nearby house. The owner of the house wasn’t seen, which makes it a safe bet that the property belonged to John Cena. The current status of Wilson’s pajamas are unknown, but I think it is only common courtesy for the police to wash them and return them in a timely manner. 

I almost wish this was a stupid YouTube challenge that someone got arrested over. At least that way there would be footage of some moron who didn’t get enough attention as a kid looking at all of Wilson’s belongings and exclaiming, “Wow.” I’d imagine they’d find at least six framed pictures of Vince Vaughn spread throughout the house. Instead, we are all stuck wondering if Owen Wilson’s mansion is as ridiculous as we want it to be, or if he’s just another boring rich guy with fancy pajamas. I’m not saying that people should break into celebrities’ homes. But if they do, at least the world deserves to have some fun with it. 

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Written by TFM

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