Horse Almost Drowns In A Pool In Florida

United Arab Emirates - Face of Arabian Horse swimming in pool

People from the state of Florida are known for doing some wild shit, and this story only adds to the long list of unbelievable headlines that the sunshine state has brought us. A roaming horse, named Mo, escaped his farm and began roaming around Pasco County Florida. When residents tried to catch him Mo got scared and jumped into an above-ground pool. The horse’s owner Cindy Buckel told CBS 47 “It was kind of a beautiful leap into the pool. I mean, he would’ve gotten a 10 if it was a diving thing.” If that doesn’t scream Florida I’m not sure what does. Mo was trapped for quite some time until residents could call first responders.

When the Pasco fire department arrived they weren’t quite sure what they could do to lift a 2,000-pound animal out of a swimming pool. Luckily, Florida is a place where everyone has a John Deer tractor laying around. So, they called over a neighbor who had a tractor and started to put a makeshift harness around the horse. I have to say, as someone who goes to school in Gainesville Florida and sees some crazy shit on a daily basis, this is some of the finest redneck engineering I have ever witnessed.

I still can’t wrap my head around how someone’s horse gets out. It’s not like it’s a dog. Although, in the South, I guess it might as well be a dog. All the animal lovers out there will be happy to know that the horse is doing well and has been brought back to his farm. 

Written by Brady White

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