Hottest Sports Reporter From The Week: Kayce Smith

I love football and sports as much as anybody, but sometimes watching a bunch of grown sweaty men tackle each other can be a little much. Most of the time, the announcer or reporter is some 80-year-old ex-player who looks like he ate himself since he last put on the pads. What most stations have done is have a smoking hot female reporter who knows what they are talking about among the chaos of a game for this week’s hottest sports reporter, Kayce Smith.

I know that Kayce Smith isn’t a traditional sports reporter, but she works at a sports company that covers sports, and she’s a smoke show. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Barstool fan and know about Kayce. She hosts the College Football Show with Big Cat, Dave, and Brandon Walker. She also hosts Unnecessary Roughness with Brandon Walker. She’s a huge Red Sox and Patriots fan, even though she’s from Texas. I won’t talk shit about that since I’m an Eagles fan from upstate New York. Barstool is a fan of hiring smoke shows, so Kayce probably won’t be the last sports reporter that I highlight who is from Barstool.

Written by Mailman Dave

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