How Many Of Your Clones Would It Take To Beat Up The Jokic Brothers

I know this happened a couple of days ago, but I’ve been thinking about how scary the Jokic brothers are. These men are monsters of men. All of these guys are close to 7 feet tall and are over 280 pounds. 500 years ago, these men would be considered giants and would’ve been the final boss against gladiators. These men are from Serbia, grew up in a small 2 bedroom apartment with the 3 brothers, mom, dad, and grandma, all living there. Serbia has been rattled by war, and these guys grew up during this. This is some Bane type of shit.

The Jokic brothers look like the older brothers who got into some serious shit and then made sure that Jokic didn’t follow into the same shit. Jokic’s oldest brother is 10 years older and looks mean as fuck.

He is fully tatted up and is jacked as fuck. Imagine taking Jokic, and instead of having fat, it’s all muscle. Jokic’s other brother isn’t exactly a small human and looks like he can fuck many people up.

So, how many of your clones would it take to beat up the Jokic brothers? I would say that I’m an average human I’m 5’11”, I could definitely lose some weight, but pretty average. I’ve been in a handful of fights, and I can take of myself, but I think it would take at least 10 of my clones to beat up the Jokic brothers. I could have 3 of my clones on each Jokic brother, one of my clones roaming around as a free safety ready to help out the clones if a Jokic brother starts kicking the shit out of them. I have a feeling that the oldest Jokic brother would take at least 4 of my clones.

I could see Nikola Jokic be sneaky strong and amazing at fighting. Jokic is nowhere near Butterbean fat, but just because somebody is a little chunky doesn’t mean that they can’t take care of themselves. That would be the wrinkle that would fuck up my 10 clones. If 3 of my clones can’t take Nikola, they are fucked. While writing this, I’ve decided I need to bump my numbers up to 12 clones. 4 clones on each brother if they can’t take care of business, then my clones are a bunch of pussies.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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