How to Get Caught with Weed

I wish I could write this blog from the other perspective. Unfortunately, I have no advice to offer people on the advice to not get caught smoking weed. In my younger years, most of the places I hid weed in my house ended up being found. I think the best way I could teach people on how to not get caught, is to show them how to get caught. This way, you can learn from my mistakes.

Don’t Overthink Your Hiding Spot

A better way to describe this would be to not think about your hiding spot at all. One way you can do this is to pick a place that is very convenient to hide your weed, because you and your parents frequently use this space. One example is the drawer in your desk, especially if your mom frequently goes up there to use the printer. Even if she doesn’t need the drawer today, she will need it soon. 

Don’t Change Your Hiding Spots

After having your stash found and subsequently removed, you will need to create a new one. The logical option would be to find a more advanced place. Some outside the box thinkers like myself would think the smartest place to hide your weed would be in the same spot as before. The way I thought about it, since it was so obvious, it would the last place someone would look. I was wrong. This is one of the easiest ways to get caught with weed.  

Keep All Incriminating Evidence

I know what you’re thinking. Once you are done with a cart, or a container, just throw it away. Right? Wrong. Keep everything that could prove your guilt and hide that along with the rest of your stuff. This will create a collection that is much harder to hide, and way more likely to be found. This is an essential step to getting caught with weed.

Don’t Waste Money on Eyedrops

In this classic whosmokedit’ mystery you’re weaving, it’s important to leave clues so the audience can follow along with your actions. You don’t want to get to the end of this encounter and leave the audience feeling unsatisfied because they found out you were indulging in the devil’s lettuce. Interrupting the movie your parents are watching because you walk in with eyes so bright the neighbors can see them is a must. Bonus points if you smell too.

Don’t Find a Good Spot to Go

Why go to the woods, or a part of town that no one goes to when your parents have a perfectly good basement to smoke in. This is better, because you can ransack their pantry too. If you create a sploof, the smell will be manageable enough where you think you’re in the clear. Don’t worry though. It will still be a strong enough smell for your parents to find out. This is maybe the fastest way to get caught smoking weed. 

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