How To Get Into Any Frat Party

bouncer in a nightclub checking man's ID card after letting in a woman

Imagine this: you’re a freshman and the campus buzzing with anticipation, the air has a slight scent of Four Loko and girls are wearing their “going out shirt” which is a piece of toilet paper covering their private areas.

You’ve heard the legends, watched Project X, and now, you’re eager to experience the unforgettable atmosphere of a frat party. But as you stand outside the Pi Kappa Alpha with a girl who is in your “Intro to Interior Design” class, uncertainty creeps in. How do you plan on getting in? Don’t worry, many guys have been in your same, pristine shoes that you have no idea will be ruined if you step inside that frat house.

Join a Fraternity: This is the No. 1 way of getting into a frat party. Duh. Just join the fraternity. Stop being soft and endure the 8 weeks of hazing fun group activities like the rest of us. Plus you can make some drinking friends for life.

Be Friends with a Guy in a Frat: This is a soft way of getting around being in a fraternity. Most of the time, if you’re buddy from high school who rushed is in the fraternity, he can get you in. Still a soft move, but it works.

Be an Athlete: At some schools, this doesn’t work, but typically athletes have TSA PreCheck-type honors at frat parties. This might be the hardest one to do because you’re going to have to be good at a sport and then actually play it in college.

Sneak In: Good way to get thrown out really quickly but go ahead and try.

Bring Girls: This could possibly work, but most of the time they’ll just kick you out and invite the girl in. Go ahead and just join the frat.

Wear one of these:

Written by TFM Stelly

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