How To Score 1 Cent Wendy’s

Happy National Burger Month! I know it’s a little late since we only have about a week left in May, but I have just learned that this month is regarded as Hamburger Month. Don’t worry, despite my tardiness, I’m still in time to share with you all the best way to celebrate this amazing month-long holiday: Wendy’s.

Beginning May 26th and ending on June 1st, Wendy’s will be offering 1 cent junior bacon cheeseburgers with any purchase when ordered via their mobile app. The catch is that you may only use the promo one time during the week.

However, the fast-food burger joint is running an unlimited promotion of buy one get one for $1 on burgers for the entire month. This deal ends at the end of May so you still have some time to make the most of this deal. All you need to do is order a burger on the app and you get a second one for just a dollar more!

While this promotion isn’t going to make you poop yourself in excitement, it’s definitely worth utilizing. If you have a bad betting day and are in need of a cheap meal, stop by your local Wendy’s between May 26th and June 1st and you can score three burgers for under $5. See you all at the drive thru!

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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