How To Score Free Chipotle During The NBA Finals

Last week, Chipotle gave out free burritos to anyone wearing a hockey jersey as a way to celebrate the NHL Conference Championships. It seems like the Chippy Marketing team must be bored out of their minds because they have decided to give away more free food, this time for the NBA Finals.

As a promotion for the Finals between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat, Chipotle has decided to give away free meals for every successful three-point shot. They are calling this awesome giveaway Chipotle Free Pointers and I for one am absolutely stoked.

If you want a free bowl, here’s what you gotta do.

Each time a three-pointer is made, no matter the team or player, Chipotle will post a special code to their Twitter account. The first 300 people to text that code to 888222 will receive one free Chipotle entree. Chipotle is prepared to give away up to 10,500 meals per game, meaning the offer is valid for the first 35 three-pointers hit in each game.

While this “giveaway” is more of a contest, I still think we should all be excited. I know I’m gonna have the Chipotle Twitter account pulled up on my phone at all times during this series. While being one of the first 300 is definitely harder than it seems, especially with thousands (if not millions) of people attempting across the country, I think things will die down by the third quarter of game 3. I have no info on if the same phone number can win multiple free meals, but if they can’t that puts it at decent odds that if you do this every time, you are bound to get one freebie.

As for Chipotle’s marketing, they are pure geniuses. While this promo may not directly lead to more revenue in the short term, it is about to get them more social media attention than Overtime Megan. I expect, like myself, thousands of Chipotle and NBA fans to be texting this six-digit number constantly. Let’s just hope the Nuggets and Heat can hit their shots.

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Written by Alex Becker

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