How To Score Free Fries This Weekend

Free stuff alert! Today (kinda) is National French Fry Day!

Why do I say kinda? Well, traditionally National Fry Day has always been July 13. However, last year, fast-food chain Checkers & Rally’s started an online petition for the holiday to always be held on the second Friday of July. That way Fry Day always comes on a Friday. Clever, right?

Well, due to their ingenuity, many restaurants will be celebrating the holiday tomorrow, while some are continuing to give away freebies and discounts today. While the split-decision mix up seems to be dividing the holiday in two, it’s actually just extending it as many places have chosen to simply celebrate all weekend long. 

To make sure we all get to enjoy this awesome holiday, here is a list of the National Fry Day deals going on around the country.


As the most traditional fast-food joint in the game, McDicks is going with as simple of a promo as possible. No purchase necessary, just order any size fry through the app and it’s completely free. The only downside is that it is TODAY ONLY.

Burger King

Sadly, BK has chosen to celebrate Friday, July 14 only. The good news is that if you are a member of the BK Royal Perks program, you get any size fry for free with any purchase made through the Burger King app or via


From now until Sunday, Wendy’s is giving away any size fries for free with any purchase through the app. They are even offering the deal for breakfast with their seasoned potatoes. As part of another deal for National Ice Cream Day which is coming up on July 16, Wendy’s is giving away a free frosty with a purchase of a small fry if you order through GrubHub. That deal is from now through Sunday as well.

Checkers & Rally’s

Clearly big fans of the holiday as they have gone so far as to change the date, Checkers and Rally’s are offering free extra large orders of fries from Friday through Sunday for absolutely no charge. All you need to do is be part of the rewards app. After Sunday, the same deal applies just instead of free, they will begin charging $1. Go sign up for the app now!

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

Okay, this may be the best deal out there. It applies to TODAY ONLY, but reaps you long term benefits. If you order any size fries today through the Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s app, you will get a free small fry every single day for the rest of the year. Yes, all you need to do is buy fries today using the app, an for the rest of the year you can get a free small fry with any order over $1. That is a crazy deal.

Del Taco

Why is a taco place celebrating fry day? Who knows, but I don’t mind it if it means more deep fried potatoes. From now through Sunday, Del Taco rewards members get a free medium fry with any purchase over $3. It can unfortunately only be used once per person over the weekend.


Fatburger is giving away a free order of either Fat or Skinny Fries from now until Sunday with any purchase. No rewards BS neccasarry. If you order in-store just make sure to mention the promotion and use code FrenchFryDay23 if you order online.

UberEats X Heinz

UberEats is teaming up with the only acceptable ketchup brand for this glorious holiday and will be giving $5.70 off any order that includes french fries. It only applies to participating restaurants such as Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, BurgerFi, Chili’s, IHOP, and more. For a full list of restaurants, UberEats has sent emails to users with their local participators.


Finally, a third reason to go to Hooters. For dine-in only, Hooters is giving away free freis with any entree. Curly or waffles, your choice!

Jack In The Box

Honestly, pretty poor deal here but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell you guys everything. Jack In The Box is giving away a free large order of fries (regular or curly) with any order over $15. You do need to be a Jack Pack loyalty member, though.


Finally, Smashburger is keeping it simple with a free order of french fries, sweet potato fries, or Smash fries with any purchase. In-store orders will qualify automatically, while online orders require code FRIES. 

There you have it, a whole slew of free fries are coming your way all weekend long. You may just need to become reward members for a bunch of places. Small price to pay for golden goodness.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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