How’s Your Pain That I’m Glad Your Feeling?

Let’s put the threats for another storming of the Capitol aside for one second to focus on what’s most important right now… Bob’s Burgers. A voice actor from the tv show Bob’s Burgers is under fire for looking like a person who participated in the storming of the Capitol. 

It has not been 100% confirmed to be the actor Jay Johnston, who plays Jimmy Pesto on Bob’s Burgers, but that won’t stop Twitter from doing what it does best: cancel, THEN ask questions. What do you think:

Now I certainly see a resemblance, but is it really a successful actor from an even more successful tv show? Did he really go to the Capitol? Was he the only actor at the Capitol?

Bob’s Burgers is a tv show best known for occasionally make you exhale through your nose which is exactly what I did when I heard that the voice actor for Jimmy Pesto is getting canceled. Jimmy Pesto is the EXACT type of person who would storm the Capitol. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

That is completely the kind of guy who would storm the Capitol. I could see Jimmy Pesto at the Capitol trying to sell some cheap Italian dish with a sign saying “energize your anger”. 

The funniest part of this situation isn’t the previous sentence, it’s why the fucking FBI needs our help to find this guy. You’re the goddamn FBI, you are already watching everyone reading this blog through their fucking air conditioner, why do you need our help to track down criminals that you have pictures of. I’ve seen enough of The Blacklist to know that all you need is a photo and James Spader to find the bad guy. Stop asking us for help. Go get James Spader to track down this dude.

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