Hulk Hogan is Starting a Weed Company

Hulk Hogan spent years wrestling in the WWE. Sure, it was all fake, but the stuff he was doing out there was legit. The toll it took on his body caused twenty-eight surgeries for him in just the last ten years. Luckily for Hogan, he discovered a great way to make himself feel better: weed. Hogan says he feels better than he’s ever felt, and it’s due to everyone’s favorite green plant.

“I always joke about I didn’t get the memo that this stuff was ‘fake’ and after the 10 back surgery and two knees and two hips, it’s just a situation of you do get hurt out there all the time,” Hogan said, “I feel better than I’ve ever felt at 69 years old, I feel like I’m 25 again.” This comes after Hogan has frequently opened up about enduring significant pain on a daily basis for most of the recent past.

“As I moved away from that and got into the CBD world, it really changed the game from my sleep to the inflammation, the way my wrists and my joints hurt, across the board, it helped me with my health.” He loves CBD and THC so much (and who could blame him) that he’s launching his own brand with the same company that is behind Mike Tyson’s and Ric Flair’s brands, Carma HoldCo.

Hogan’s new partner and the President of Carma said that the new brand would not only feature CBD and THC products, but they will also be putting out “functional mushrooms.” Unfortunately for fans of psychedelics and Hulk Hogan, these aren’t the magic mushrooms you want them to be. They’re just natural ones that offer health benefits and other less fun things.

Quotes from this blog were taken from an article published TMZSports

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