Hypocrite Kid Rock Drinks Bud Light at Concert

A few months ago, Kid Rock gave the world his best content since All Summer Long dropped, and maybe ever. This took the form of a video he posted of himself shooting several cases of Bud Light with an AR. Recently, he attended a Colt Ford show and drank a Bud Light while finishing enjoying the show. 

The man whose friends I hope call him “Pebble,” seemed to be having a great time at the show, despite the fact that his beverage choice publicly made him a hypocrite. I understand that some shows only have a few beer options, but he chose his side of this debate with that video. Once you pull out an assault rifle to shoot an inanimate object, your hatred for that thing is locked in. 

Maybe Kid Rock isn’t relevant enough to have a publicist follow him around anymore. But I’m still surprised that none of his friends told him to cover up that can. The anti Bud Light crowd grows every day, and Kid Rock just turned his back on all of them. 

I wonder if Kid Rock forgot about why he hated Bud Light in the first place, or if he consciously purchased that can. His original boycott was entirely understandable. I didn’t have a machine gun to express my agreement with as much passion as he did. That being said, I still decided that my relationship with Anhueser-Busch was terminated the second they started blaming their image on frat culture. 

I hope Kid Rock realizes why his hypocrisy is not getting a pass. I’m sure there were other ways for him to quench his thirst at that concert. He didn’t have to donate to the woke beer fund. 

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Written by TFM

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