I Am Jealous Of Micah Parsons, In Just About Possible Every Way

There may be no person on the planet that is doing more to live their best life than Micah Parsons.

Who is Micah Parsons, you may ask, well… he is the starting linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. And he is doing a little bit of everything.

First and foremost, how cool would it be to be the starting linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. They played last night against the Pittsburgh Steelers and in his limited time he had three tackles and recovered a fumble. That was impressive to everyone but him… so now, he is athletic and humble.

“It felt good,” Parsons said, per the Dallas Morning News. “It was bittersweet that I didn’t get to play a lot. I felt like it was a good experience to get my feet wet and get a feel for the game. I made some mistakes; there were some good things. I am just going to build off for it.”

What else did he do? Oh, he bought his mom a new house with his NFL paycheck.

Maybe most impressively, he found time to shoot his shot with the Williams Twins…

Parsons is claiming his TikTok got hacked… of course…. but we don’t care, we love everything that is happening with Micah Parsons right now!

Written by Malcolm Henry

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