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I Can’t Root for Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is a freak athlete, well-spoken, seems to be pretty intelligent, and is a dual-threat QB which I love. However, I am rooting for his downfall because he has the most obnoxious, entitled, and self-righteous family I have ever seen. Let’s start with Brittany, you are a personal trainer who married up, who the f*ck do you think you are pouring champagne on fans in the lower bowl in sub-freezing temps, I know for a fact this is the type of girl that will describe Patrick’s accomplishments as “our accomplishments.” Furthermore, can you stop shrieking every time they win and a camera is on you?! As far as shrieks go they are usually pretty annoying but ma’am, your shriek in particular makes me want to shove bamboo shoots into my ear canals. Jackson, you have got to have the biggest undeserved ego in the country and we have Kris Jenner. Also, the fact that he danced on a memorial for a deceased football player is ridiculous, he did not get nearly enough hate for that. Plus the whole debacle of him trying to go after a small business in KC just because they didn’t get on their knees and thank him for gracing them with his presence is insane. Honestly, the networks are part of the problem too, stop showing them on TV. Stop giving them the attention they crave, when I turn on a football game the last thing I want to see is Brittany and Jackson doing some dumb a*s tik tok trend. These two are easily the most hated duo in the country right now and for that reason, GO BIRDS.

Written by GI Josh

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