I Know What Will Get You Lucky This Valentines, Make Your Date Some Pink Mac And Cheese

Nothing says romance like some candy flavored Mac and Cheese. You could take your date out to a fancy restaurant or maybe make some fancy food at your home. Then maybe after dinner you have chocolate and strawberries, and you think it’ll be sexy to dip your junk in chocolate, but you quickly realize that the chocolate is hot. Instead of having that chocolate licked off of you, you’re spending your night in the ER.

Kraft has created a pink Mac and Cheese that is supposed to taste like candy. The pink color that the Macaroni turns into is supposedly from beetroot and carrot concentrate. Mhmm, the only pink thing I want to eat on Valentines Day is you know what… Instead of the radioactive orange “cheese” packet that you’re used to in Kraft Mac and Cheese. This one is instead filled up with fructose, natural flavors, and Vanilla. All of those fake ass ingredients give it a candy flavor. Snorting smarties and eating this will probably be about the same.

I know that I don’t want Pink Mac and Cheese for Valentines day. The perfect gift for Valentines Day isn’t a fun night in bed, or jewelry, it’s a RPG.

If you want to win these boxes of pink Mac and Cheese, which I don’t know why you would. You can enter at through February 8th. One thousand unlucky people will be selected, and they will make sure you get a box before February 14th. That would just be a tragedy if you couldn’t have this for Valentines Day.


The picture of this item just looks like if somebody had eaten some chunky potatoes, and also swallowed a gallons worth of Kirby’s cum, and then threw it up into a bowl.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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