I Need Your Help

Today marks one year since I wrote my first blog at TFM. It was a shitty collage of pictures and videos titled “Toss Back Tuesday: TFM’s Glory Days.” I hated it, and so did you guys. It was tough walking into a company that at best could’ve been compared to Barstool’s diabetic little brother with anger management issues, and at worst a brand that peaked when Aaron Hernandez was still catching touchdown passes. But I worked hard, and I had a lot of help from the other people here. We went from a brand that posted the same video every goddamn day of a kid running over another kid in a golf cart to showing you guys the internet’s most hilarious, unfiltered content. When I first started running our Instagram account, I did what most money-hungry comedy accounts don’t do: I listened. 

Nobody follows an account like TFM for political discourse or academic contention; you guys follow us for a fucking laugh. With all the other shit you guys have had to put up with this past year, it was my job to create funny memes and find videos to send to your friends. And while other media companies try so hard to “use their platforms responsibly,” they miss out on the point of what comedy websites are: places where our audience can take a break from family problems, politics, ect. and say to themselves, “yo I can’t believe this guy shitting out of his car window. “ 

You guys have been an incredible audience from Instagram to our website. Almost every time we post a GoFundMe when a brother needs a medical procedure or something along those lines, you guys always dig into your pockets and collectively raise tens of thousands of dollars. Over the past year, you guys have popularized many of your favorite frequent TFM content creators, including Duke Gomez, Rusty Ranks Beers, and Freezer Tarps. You’ve bought our merch, read our blogs, and you guys even managed to get one of our podcasts in the Apple top 100 today.

The only thing more I can ask is that you continue to support us. We’ve gotten fifty violations from Instagram since November. As social media grows softer, we get further penalized for making you guys laugh. And this is where I’m going to do what no white guy in his twenties has ever done before: I’m going to promote my podcast. Season Two of That Never Happened premiers tonight, and we’re putting it on our Instagram tomorrow. The first episode starts off a little shitty, it was a little nerve-racking going from Conall’s Grandma’s basement to a studio, but I think we are better than 99% of the podcasts out there designed for guys in their early twenties. So please, if you have a free thirty minutes sometime this week, give three dickheads with anxiety and blossoming alcoholism a listen on your way to work. 

Love you guys. 

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