I Used To Live Next To Saint Peters

From June 2021-September 2021, I lived one block away from Saint Peters’ campus. I got my first big boy apartment because I couldn’t work from home with my parents, and I sure as shit couldn’t work in a house with my friends (and I may or may not have had an ex-girlfriend who moved to New York), so I subleased from a guy who had two weeks to move for work. Saint Peters is in Journal Square, Jersey City. It’s a shithole. Not because of crime (which isn’t bad there), not because of the homeless guy that I used to watch take shits right out the back door of my apartment building, but because it is the DIRTIEST place I’ve ever been. For those of you who don’t know, Hudson County, New Jersey, is the most densely populated County in the Nation’s most densely populated state. Think of the aftermath from the worst Darty you’ve ever been to…now fill it with a few Cash For Gold shops, some ethnic grocery stores, and a train station…that is Journal Square, New Jersey- home of the Saint Peters Peacocks. 

I’m not shitting on Saint Peters; I’m simply putting into perspective how improbable what they are doing is; I mean, look at the stories coming from someone who worked on their staff. 

The team is full of two-star recruits, JUCO kids, and some guys who deserved more playing time than they got in high school. If this story doesn’t speak to the depths of the tri-state area’s basketball talent and the powers of a white kid with a mustache, I don’t know what does. Also, it may be dirty, and it may only have one bar, but Journal Square, New Jersey is one hell of a place to live.

Jersey City bar opens with unique motto: No Wi-Fi...Talk to each other! -

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