Ice Spice Puts Stunning Bod on Display at Music Festival

This past weekend the Broccoli City Music Festival was held in Washington, D.C., showcasing some of hip-hop’s biggest stars like Lil Uzi Vert, Brent Faiyaz, and Kodak Black. But, many would argue that up-and-coming rapper Ice Spice stole the show with her electric performance and amazing physique. The Bronx star sported a pair of jean shorts that left little to the imagination, evoking quite a response from Twitter users across the country.

Thank god for the kind soul who took this video. Being front row at an Ice Spice concert continues to move its way up on my bucket list – and not because I know every word to “Munch”. In fact, I’m really not a fan of her music at all since it’s been drilled into my head constantly via TikTok, but golly is she a great performer.

I must say, this cameraman was trained right. Way to give the people what they want. I’m sure there are some diehard Ice Spice fans out there who listen to her music all the time. But, I’m just not one of those people (along with probably every other college-aged dude). However, this camera guy would definitely make sure that I would enjoy an Ice Spice concert immensely.

Holy GYAT.

Written by the godfather

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