Idiotic Bettor Loses Potential $70K By Cashing Out

This is probably the worst cash out in betting history.

A fan had parlayed the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, UCONN to win March Madness, and the Nuggets to win the NBA Finals. Of course, after last night’s Denver win, that ticket became a winner. However, the guy that placed the bet had already cashed it out.

The bet was placed on FanDuel who is notorious for offering cash out options to help cut their potential losses, and boy did they save themselves a ton of cash on this one. The bettor had placed the parlay for $25 at +286100 odds. That means it would have paid out an astonishing $71,525. Guess what the guy ended up taking home. A whopping $122.

The bettor cashed out his ticket as soon as the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, essentially costing him over $71,000. Had he waited until at least the UCONN leg and he still would have made an extra couple thousand dollars. But no, instead he played it way too safe and took his money after GOAT Mahomes got his second ring.

Imagine being this dude. That $122 is probably long gone since cashing it in February. You know what remains? The eternal regret of selling that ticket. People (me) dream of hitting bets like this. While $71,000 isn’t “life changing” it is definitely “a couple years of your life changing.” Not only would he have been close to $100k richer, but he would have been a low-level celebrity in the betting community for a couple of months. He would’ve been all over social media, probably flown out to Finals games and comped tickets, and gotten so much puss (I think girls like good bettors). But instead, he is just gonna be the annoying dude that forever tells strangers at bars “look at how close I was on this one, man.” No one cares. It was your fault and now you need to grapple with what could have been for the rest of your pathetic life.

It was $25, dude. What the hell were you thinking? Why even make the lay if you’re gonna cash it out as soon as the easiest leg hits? At that point just throw the Chiefs Super Bowl bet as a straight and throw the profits on a UCONN-Nugs two-teamer. You can’t be that enticed by $120. Either this guy owed someone a lot of money or literally couldn’t pay his rent. Regardless, $71,000 would have helped way more than $122.

Let this be a lesson to all of us, always always ALWAYS let it ride.

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Written by Alex Becker

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