If You Found An Among Us Chicken Nugget, You Could Sell It For $100,00

The stupid shit that people will buy is insane. I’ve wasted thousands of money when I was a teenager on CDs. Why did I buy whole collections of CDs? I have no idea; then, when Spotify and other music streaming services came out, they were useless. I would go to FYE and come out with stacks. All of those CD’s were practically worthless. Years later, I went to an FYE with boxes full of them and returned them for pennies. Years before, I used to collect baseball cards. My family would go to Old Orchard Beach every year, and there was a baseball shop that I would spend all of my birthday money at. Those might be worth something now, though. So I know how to waste money on stupid shit, but never would I think about wasting $100,00 on a chicken nugget.

I play my fair share of video games, but I have never played Among Us, even though it’s super popular. I know that it’s McDonald’s chicken, so that shit is built to stay good for a while, but it is food and will rot at some point. Imagine showing this off like it’s an exotic dinosaur bone, and the thing is moldy and smells like ass. There’s a lot of better things to buy with your money. This person instead could’ve bought 6,249 cases of Natty Light.

Even the Among Us and Xbox Twitter accounts chimed in after they saw how ridiculous this thing was.

This was early when the bidding was only at $34,443.43; that thing almost tripled in price by the time it was all said and done. The seller saw these Tweets and did say that he has Szechuan sauce and would include enough for the one chicken nugget. This eBay seller has cornered the market on McDonald’s items.

If I would’ve known this, I would have kept my job at Mcdonald’s. I worked there after dropping out of college and before working at the Post Office. Then when I found out I wasn’t guaranteed hours at the Post Office, I kept my job there, working nights for 3 years. I put in around 6 years at Mcdonald’s, and not once did I think about checking the nuggets to see if they resembled a video game character. Mistakes were made. I guess this is my advice always to check your nuggets before you eat them cause you could be $100,000 richer. I know my fat ass doesn’t do that; I inhale them.

Written by Mailman Dave

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