If You Think Jungle Juice Is Bad, At Least It’s Not Served From A Toilet

This has to be a troll. In what world would a sane person do this? This woman is so excited about drinking punch from the toilet, but not once did that liquid touch her lips. Also, her husband 100000% loves to get dominated and have a ball gag down his throat. Or loves to be put in a cock cage and watch his wife be fucked by other dudes. The way that he says “wow” a hundred times makes me want to rip my ears off. He’s so excited about this shit that he can’t contain it. His excitement is touching cotton, its ground hogging, and it’s ready to explode.

Let’s take a look at what the fuck this woman is making. First, in the bowl, we have ice and sherbert. Oh, and can’t forget the sour patch worms that are stuffed down the drain. Then in the drain goes all of the sandy candies known to mankind. We have sour patch kids, then quickly followed by Hawaiian punch and Sprite. Then it looks like Satan took a shit as she adds red and orange Fanta. Before flushing the bowl, she adds some Air Heads. She quickly eats an Air Head that is just chilling in the bowl.

This woman goes knuckle deep into the sherbert. Not 1 knuckle, but 3 knuckles deep. If you watch Letterkenny, I agree with squirrely Dan there are 3 knuckles. Anyway, this man acts like he witnessed the wheel being invented. This man is more excited about toilet punch than having sex. Somebody doesn’t understand basic plumbing as his mind is blown that Satan’s shit is being mixed with the ice and sherbert.

This woman takes a ladle full of toilet punch and puts it right into the cup. It looks like dried cum floating in a vat of blood.

I still don’t believe that anybody actually drank this. To make things worse, they didn’t add any alcohol. At least Jungle Juice will get you fucked up even if you have no idea what shit is in there. This will just give you cholera. If anybody will drink this and love it, I could see Molly, Amy, Heather, and Tanner loving it.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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