I’m Now The Biggest Woman Track Fan After Seeing Alica Schmidt

I love all sports, and the Olympics have always been meh for me. It’s the one time where I fucking hate every country that isn’t America. Every country is a 3rd world country in my mind for the entire month of the Olympics. Do I watch every swimming contest or track race? No, but will I be proud when we kick the shit out of every country and pretend that I was staring at my tv and cheering the entire time. Now there is a reason to watch track, specifically women’s track, because of Alica Schmidt. Of course, it’s always appointment television when beach volleyball is being played, but woman’s track is now added.

I’m pretty sure that everybody who is seeing this picture is going hard for Alica now. She hasn’t qualified for the Olympics yet, but a man can dream. Even though Alica is a German athlete I’m okay with losing track if it means that Alica can be in the Olympics.

Everybody knows a girl on the sports team, and the first time you watch them play, you’re shocked. They aren’t as hot in a jersey as they are in a sundress, and you start to wonder if they are actually hot. This isn’t the case for Alica; she’s as hot on the track as she is in her thirst traps.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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