I’m Obsessed With Watching This “Time Travelers” Tik Toks

Tik Tok is the most addictive app known to mankind. Seconds turns into minutes, minutes turn into hours, and hours turn into days of just scrolling through videos. Tik Tok has something for everybody, and the algorithm knows more about you than you know. You like one video of a girl bussin it, and somehow your feed turns into chicks dropping it low in lingerie. Then somehow you’re watching videos of guys dropping ducks. Somehow Tik Toks algorithm found out that I love watching crazy and strange videos. Yesterday as I was scrolling Tik Tok, and avoiding delivering people’s mail I stumbled upon this video.


#stitch with @psychparanormal i hope y’all don’t think I’m crazy #fyp #spirituality #scary #astrology #trippy

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I don’t know if it’s this guys cool calm voice that makes this so watchable, or if it’s this guy’s amazing storytelling. First he sucks you in with telling you that on his 20th birthday he took the biggest hit ever. Then he blows your mind with saying that he saw the past, and the future. It could’ve ended right there, but instead he drops a massive cliffhanger bomb that when he came to he was then 6 years old and it was 2004, and he originally took the hit in 1987. I of course couldn’t end with that one video so I fell into a rabbit hole.

This guys story has everything. His “now” body was in a coma which is the perfect explanation for all of this. Somehow he was able to track his “old” body which turned out to be somebody that had died of Schizophrenia. I don’t understand how if this person left that body then there could be somebody who had died in 2011. If he left his body in 1987 wouldn’t that body have died right away? Then once again he ends the story on a cliffhanger with his witch grandma suffering from dementia. Now this could just be a huge coincidence since a lot of old people suffer from dementia, but that didn’t stop me from watching more of his videos.

This is the last video that he has about his story. I have no idea if this is true or just some made up shit. My gut is telling me that no way this is true, but whatever if he thinks it’s true I won’t tell him he’s a liar. Supposedly from the rest of his videos he’s rich from Bitcoin, and if I was a “time traveler” investing in Bitcoin would be a very smart play. That’s like knowing that in 2018 UMBC was going to upset Virginia, and hammering their money line. If you think you’re a time traveler, and already know the outcomes to games you can sign up at where the app will be live in Michigan on Friday.

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