I’m the Angel, Alyssa’s The Devil

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EPISODE 5 IS OUT!!! We talk about why we love staying in bars past close, the time Alyssa went home with a guy and a random girl keyed his car, and why Alyssa is the devil and I am an angel. Here’s the link for Spotify and Apple Music!! Go listen!!

After meeting us in real life, I’ve noticed that most people are surprised Alyssa and I are human beings. After around an hour of hanging out with us, (which we usually spend as if we’re performing a weird VIP podcast episode for people who literally never asked and probably wish we’d go to a different area of whatever bar we’re in), some people have said that it seems like we have an angel-devil relationship. In other words, people think I’m the angel and Alyssa is the devil.

Let me set the record straight: This is definitely true. I am an angel. And Alyssa is definitely proof there has to be a devil out there somewhere. But I’ve spent a lot of time with her alone. Like, a LOT of time. Yes, she has bad ideas. Yes, she’d rather crash her car into a grocery store than tell a guy she has feelings for him. Yes, these are some of her tweets.

I will be the first to tell you that these are misleading towards how she actually feels. I think. I’ve seen a lot of sides of her and I know that making fun of situations is her way of coping. I think she’s terrified that any guy she has feelings for will see her differently if she’s honest with him, as if it’s a weakness. So she pretends to be emotionless. And roasts the guy on Twitter.

I can’t even judge her, though. Being vulnerable is terrifying. I’ve pretended not to care in the past, and so has everyone in the entire world. For anyone reading or listening to this week’s episode, if you take away nothing else, as a perfect angel qualified to give you this advice, I just want to let you know that you don’t have to put up a bunch of walls and be emotionless. You should be honest about what you want. If a guy is treating you badly, you should stand up for yourself. Pretending not to care about the way a guy is treating you is not okay. It’s not going to help you!!! 

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