Imagine Betting On The Warriors Last Night

The Warriors were a +2.5 underdog against the Raptors. Now, this was two bad teams going against each other both the Warriors and Raptors are looking at the playoffs from the outside. I thought that the Warriors were the better team, as did the public, as 56% of the public also gambled on them.

Well then Steph was ruled out, and everything went to shit. How the fuck does a professional team lose by 53. The final score was 130-77. This is some Harlem Globetrotter kind of scores. The god damn Warriors aren’t the Generals, they still have Draymond Green and are coached by Steve Kerr. I look like a god damn idiot during my analysis.

The entire internet was also pissed off with Steve Kerr as he was trending with people making fun of him with memes.

Even Kendrick Perkins was getting in on the hate, which doesn’t surprise me. Perk loves to stir the pot. If you enjoy gambling, and sports make sure to check out Outkick bets. Where I will keep doing fade or follow the public articles.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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