Imagine Getting Kicked In The Nuts So Hard That Your Heart Beats Out Of Your Chest

This man just let a stranger walk up to him and nail him right in the nuts. This man deserves to be in Jackass 4 after that reaction. He wasn’t in pain and ran straight to the camera to show his heart. How long has this man’s heart done this? Does he show this off at parties, and everybody knows that he’s the heart guy? Is this guy on meth? Is he on bath salts, and after his heart jumps from his chest, is he going to become a zombie and try to eat people’s flesh? Did he actually have a heart attack, and this man needs to seek medical attention ASAP? I don’t think this guy really cares about seeing medical attention, as he lets random strangers kick him in the nuts.

Also, where the fuck did this happen? Is this from the past and this random Tik Toker just decided to release this on the internet now? Nobody is walking around in masks, so I’m guessing maybe Florida. Having a normal chest, and then 2 seconds later, your heart looks like the scene from Aliens. It would make sense that this would be a Florida man.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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