Imagine Going To Jail All Because You Want To Win Homecoming Queen

An assistant principal at a Florida elementary school and her teenage daughter have been accused of using the mother’s privileged access to the school district’s internal system to cast fraudulent votes in favor of the daughter winning homecoming queen at her high school.


This time it’s Florida woman strikes again. How important can homecoming queen be to risk it all for jail? Is there a huge cash prize for this, is there a guarantee to get a full-ride scholarship? That’s the only reason I can see this happening. Nobody remembers the homecoming queen. My high school didn’t have a homecoming. We instead had a winter carnival where they would hand out a king and queen. I didn’t go to the winter carnival celebration or remember who won king or queen. Cause it’s not that important, it’s a tiny little blimp in your life. I guess this mom and daughter didn’t think so.

Both Carroll and her daughter were charged with three third-degree felonies: committing offenses against users of computers and electronic devices, unlawful use of a two-way communications device and criminal use of personally identifiable information. They were also charged with conspiracy to commit the offenses, a first-degree misdemeanor.


A quick little google search and those charges roughly equal about 10 years if they’re found guilty on all 3 counts. You go to jail when you’re 17 cause you want to become queen, and then boom, you’re not getting out until 27. Those people you’ve graduated with are already getting jobs, having serious relationships, and maybe having kids. There you are instead, finally eating a meal with a metal fork and no longer have to worry about dropping the soap in the showers.

The article makes it seem like the mother and daughter were in on it together. But whenever I read anything like this, it automatically makes me think that the mom is crazy. Everyone knows a mom who wants their daughter to be the best of the best, be everything they weren’t, and have everything in the world. Is this just a mom who went too far because she was never the homecoming queen, and she wanted that for her daughter? People will go to crazy lengths to make them seem more popular than they really are. I thought I would look cool and badass with both of my ears pierced in 11th grade. P.S. it didn’t make me look cool.

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