In Case You Missed It Slam Diego, And The Dodgers Played One Hell Of A Game Last Night

It sucks that the two most exciting teams are on the West Coast. My old ass can’t stay awake until 2 in the morning to watch a 12 inning baseball game. So if you’re like me who either fell asleep before the end of the game, or were to drunk to watch a 12 inning game here are the highlights.

San Diego, aka Slam Diego, is one of the most exciting teams in baseball. They are led by Fernando Tatís Jr, who played for the first time since suffering a scary injury on April 5th. How he rolled around in pain, it looked like his shoulder injury could’ve been a lot longer.

Well in only 12 short days Tatis Jr showed why he’s one of the best young players.

Not only do the Padres have Tatis Jr, but they also have Manny Machado, great pitching in Yu Darvish, and Mike Clevinger. For the Dodgers, they are favored to repeat as World Series champions. They are led by Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger, who has a fractured leg. The Dodgers made their team even better this offseason by adding Trevor Bauer.

These are two great teams who not only are competing to get out of the NL West but also hate each other. I’m here for the bad blood rivalry; it’s what baseball needs to make causal fans care about baseball again. Not all young people are like me who will watch a random Braves vs. Cubs game just because I love baseball. Baseball needs bench-clearing hatred like the Dodgers vs. Padres.

The great thing is that we get 18 more games of Dodgers vs. Padres. I know I’m excited about all 18 games. Now only if I can down beers and hot dogs in warm and beautiful San Diego would make this perfect.

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