In Defense of the Cowboys

Before I’m attacked for this one, just hear me out. This team does not pick its fans, and thus I think we shouldn’t crucify them for having the fan base they have because yes, no one enjoys them. 

Additionally, I would not like to say that this isn’t me saying the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl this year. Because they’re not. This article is more to defend the organization that’s basically hated by everyone. Well maybe not everyone, but also everyone.

Alright, the first thing I’d like to clear the air with is they’re winning the NFC East. I’m done with the slander there. And yes no one thinks the Commanders or the Giants are winning anything this year, BUT neither are the Eagles. I don’t care that the Eagles got AJ Brown, I really don’t. The Eagles don’t have Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn, AND they also don’t have Dak Prescott.

Now again don’t throw stones at me, yes I am pro-Dak, but only because of last season. That is the season where he threw for 4 and a half thousand yards, 37 TDs, and only 10 interceptions under who? Kellen Moore. The same Kellen Moore that is still at Dallas might I add. Gotta love continuity. 

Do you know who does not have great continuity? Jalen Hurts and Shane Steichen. Shane joined the Eagles in the middle of last season so not the most continuous relationship. OH, and Jalen Hurts threw for over a thousand yards less and less than half of his TDs as well. And yes he’s only been actually playing in the NFL for 2 years but I don’t know if it’ll get much better. Even if it does, Dak has been throwing in the NFL for longer and I prefer the experience over the talent.

To end this rant in a neat little bow I would just like to reiterate that yes the Cowboys will be the first repeat Champions of the NFC East since 2004, and yes the Cowboys team did not choose their fanbase, so let’s not hate them because someone who roots for them got a mustard stain on our favorite Justin Herbert jersey.

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Written by Warren Loukota


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