Influencer Creates an AI Version of Herself for to Profit Off of Horniness

Robot and young woman face to face.

AI has been the center of controversy in the news recently. I think this update might shift the concern away from the number of dangerously capable AI’s popping up, and put the concern back on idiot humans who are ruining it for everyone. This is because an influencer used a version of Chat GPT that replicates her, so her fans can date her. The craziest thing, is that this knock-off Ex Machina horniness cure costs a dollar a minute, and people are paying for it. 

Caryn Marjorie is the name of the genius influencer who found out the laziest way to profit off of her fans’ addictions to pleasuring themselves. I want to make it clear early on, I think Marjorie deserves to get filthy rich off of this. The ability for people to share and satisfy their horniness on the internet is quite possibly the worst function it’s ever served. That being said, Marjorie found a way to capitalize off of this by using the most recent technological advancements at her disposal. As a result, she has basically found a way to print money from the comfort of her own home.

I respect the hustle, but I also hate when Black Mirror episodes come true. Remember when we used to think technology was going to give us flying cars, or maybe even time travel. The announcement of this AI just confirmed that none of us will ever see anything that technologically profound in our lives. The smartest people in the world are finding ways to help people replicate emotional connection. Whatever happened to getting rejected at the bar and sad fapping when you get home by yourself? It’s sad, but paying premium to pretend your computer is a human woman is sadder. 

What I really hate about this is that it’s obviously cleaning up financially. Marjorie apparently has over 1,000 daily users of her AI, ranging from ten minutes a day, to several hours. I’m not mad that this girl is making close to seven figures a month while doing nothing, I’m mad that men are giving her this much money. If you’re ever down bad enough to pay twenty bucks for a goodnight chat, just make a burner account and start antagonizing your favorite athletes. There’s always a better way to pass the time then letting your horniness defeat you.

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